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An Adoption Diary by Maria James

I found myself unable to put this book down, a really interesting insight into a couples adoption journey. The highs and the lows they experienced and you just felt you were there living their journey. An inspirational story of their adventure capturing all the emotions involved.

The Adopter’s Handbook by Amy Neil Slater

A very handy and informative book that has formed a key guide to refer back to. It covers 5 key areas and does give some great advice/answers. The 5 areas covered are;

Adoption: Your questions answered, covering areas such as is adoption right for you, how the adoption process works, who can adopt and inter country adoptions

Legal and financial matters, role of the courts in the adoption process, summary of legal rights of an adopter & money matters

Schooling & Education choosing a school, possible problems an adopted child might face in school & obtaining special educational provision

Your child: physical and emotional needs possible effects of neglect and/or abuse on children & obtaining health services for your child

For adoptive parents your needs are important too. Feelings adoptive parents commonly encounter throughout the adoption experience

The book is a guide and helps to answer various common questions. Throughout the book are external links and contact information on every topic, so if you have encountered an issue you can easily find the additional help or support that you might need.

This is definitely a book that will be kept in arms reach as we progress through the process and also for many years to come. A thumbs up from us and worth the money.

Diary of a new, fat, adoptive dad By Daddy Trev

I picked this book up to read a couple of pages (I’m not the quickest reader) and 2 hours later I was turning the last page in the book. It is in diary entry format over a 2 year period from being matched with their Daughter & Son to the day Daddy Trev & Daddy Shaun got married, sealing their family unit.

Bringing to life the highs and lows of parenting and daily challenges they faced both personally and parental. The horror of a house filled with talk and physical poo to their daughters penchant for Chanel and luxury. Two unique characters evolve over the two years and some magical occasions celebrated creating everlasting memories such as their first Christmas.

It was a clear reminder of what the future could hold for any adopter. Tantrums & tiaras, sibling love along with sibling rivalry and the ability of kids to make you laugh and rage at the same time.

Go on, pick it up and give it a read.

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