We have only ever considered going down the adoption route rather than surrogacy. The reason this is our chosen route is due to the number of looked after children out there in our society that are just waiting to be adopted and find their forever loving homes. We want to try and make a difference to an existing human life that hasn’t been given the start to life they deserve. Create a strong and stable family life so that they know they are loved and can flourish.

Now was the time to research how we proceed, We started by looking online for our options, the local authority or private adoption agencies? Now living where we do, there nearest private agency was based over 80 miles away. Although going through private agencies can make the process quicker, we decided that we wanted to use our local authority services being closer and also helping children closer to home.

A dear friend of ours is a foster career and we gained a lot of information from her. For us it was seeing the individuals that relied on her and her husband and their family that cemented our desire to adopt rather than explore the surrogacy route. They have had long term placements along with shorter stays but every child has had their unconditional love and attention and stolen everyone’s heart who has met them along the way.

So we saw a post on social media that there was a LGBTQ+ adoption evening being held in a few weeks (September 2018) so we put the date into our diary. The evening arrived and we parked the car and headed off to the venue not knowing what to expect. To our surprise we were not the first there, in fact the small meeting room it was being held in was chokablock. We sat in the doorway (only space left) and the evening started with the adoption team welcoming everyone and informing us of what the process of adoption would take if we wanted to continue. During the course of the evening various people spoke of their experiences of adoption, the highs and the lows, the support and process it took.

We left feeling very positive and the car journey home was spent with us discussing everything we had just heard and what we would have to do next in order to get the ball rolling. The timescale of going through the process and the fact we would be assigned a social worker who would visit us regularly to find out all about our situation, where we lived, our lives, financial situation and our support network around us. No stone was going to be left unturned. We both agreed that it was what we wanted, to become a family and give a child a loving upbringing. We both had the most incredible upbringing and if we could give a child even half of what we had, they would be very loved and spoilt.

So the following day we sent an email off to the local adoption team to express our interest and get our interest logged. We had now put the ball in their court and waited eagerly awaiting a response. This came a week later in the post, a letter with a postal frank from the council. We sat at the kitchen table and opened the letter, the letter welcomed us and contained a form we then had to complete and submit to get us registered, we would then be added onto the next ‘Adoption Preparation Course’ they would run. This would consist of four 1 day courses run once a week for a month.

Around 10 days later we received a reply to say that we had been enrolled onto the next course which would be running from the end of January 2019. We now enjoyed the Christmas period with our families knowing that in the New Year our adoption adventure would commence. Here starts our journey . . .

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